Chat 9 Dec 10 notes 2 broke girls
  • Johnny: I was hoping I'd run into you.
  • Max: Eh, no big deal.
  • Johnny: Pretty big deal. You look amazing. Amazing. I will go as far as amaze-balls.
  • Max: Thanks. You look like a guy in a commercial who has a ring and puppy hidden somewhere.
  • Johnny: Can you believe it? We're both at this schmancy thing. Look how far we've gotten.
  • Max: Actually, when you think about it, we didn't get very far at all.
  • Johnny: Nope, you're right. We didn't.
  • Max: Yeah, why?
  • Johnny: Timing, I guess.
  • Max: Timing? Okay, whatever.
  • Johnny: You know, from now on, when I think of you, I'm gonna think of you in this and not the uniform.
  • Max: You know, from now on, maybe you shouldn't think of me at all. Gotta go, Mr. Manhattan.
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